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Steffen Schraut Düsseldorf
Since 2002, the German fashion designer STEFFEN SCHRAUT designs minimalist, but lovingly detailed creations for women - always with a refined, feminine component and always in a stylish and trendy focus. His fashion is luxurious with a hint of sexiness.
STEFFEN SCHRAUT sees himself as a trendsetter, not a designer. The years of experience as a trend scout for large international companies is also reflected in his collections for the top fashion segment.
It is all about the collection and the less about the person who create it. With his design team and a secure feeling for up-date trends the fashion entrepreneur creates his visionary collections. STEFFEN SCHRAUT relies on proportions, contours and fine materials. Fine fabrics like cashmere, jersey or silk underline the personality of the women. Clean lines emphasize the silhouette - always combined with his distinctive details to perfection. His distinctiveness also carries the entire corporate design at the label. Developed by design icon Peter Schmidt, it consistently supported the Spirit of the brand STEFFEN SCHRAUT: clearly and confidently for today’s Women. STEFFEN SCHRAUT fashion is represented not only in Germany's top stores, but has a strong following worldwide.
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