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Francesco Pieri Umbria Italia
Was Founded in 1978 as a small family business in Tordandrea Di Assisi, a fourteenth century village in Umbria, where their parents worked with manual knitting looms. Later on, Pieri Aurelio, specialized in programming electronic knitting looms and his wife, Giovagnoli Roberta, specialized in fashion design and artistic clothing realization, decided to take over the family business.

The Umbrian company, since then, has always collaborated with top quality fashion brands, this lead not only to even more experience but to the possibility to express knowledge and passion which identifies their collection.

The brand Francesco Pieri was founded in 2005 when their son Francesco and and daughter Vanessa took part in the family company sharing the dream of creating their own high quality knitwear collection.
Francesco Pieri Cashmere
Francesco Pieri Cashemere
All our products are carefully monitored through the entire production line, from the choice of the finest raw materials, to the design and rigorous quality control during each step of the production. The precision of our products, a lot of which are hand-crafted, is fruit of years’ experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry. Thanks to our collaboration with some of the most famous high fashion brands, we have reached a new, solid reality, which enables us to offer an exclusive, elegant and refined product to our costumers.
Francesco Pieri Italy
Cashemere Italy
In keeping with our philosophy, the Francesco collection introduces an exclusive style.
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