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The vision of creating a denim line founded on the principle that every item in the customer’s closet should be rich in stories; unique and treasured.

Reign Italia
Reign jeans are one of kind. All our models are designed, assembled and hand-treated in Italy by Italian staff. The washes that characterize their look and feel are the result of a careful research and of an incredible number of tests made
to achieve high quality standards. The denim canvases chosen are among the highest quality and the assembly of each pair of jeans is very accurate. The appeal of the garment is guaranteed by an almost maniacal attention to details. The Yarns for the seams are first rate and special sewing equipment, together with metal rivets, ensure strenght in high-stress areas of the jeans. The waistband and the bottom hem of our denim pants are manufactured with a particular stitch, typical of the best traditional jeans, wich has been abandoned by industrial jeans manufacturers. Even the inside of the jeans deverses special mention: the edges are outlined with cotton ribbons, the front pockets
are personalized, and the lateral seams are pre-stretched and open in order to ensure the “vintage” look even after washing and wear. Out metal details are of the highest quality and eco-friendly. All treatments, abrasions, dyeing, stains and rips are handmade. The result is an extremely stylish, comfortable and wearable pair of jeans.

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Modeagentur Ianiz Corica represents international cutting edge fashion labels with the aim to introduce high quality products to all demographics.
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