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MC2 SAINT BARTH was born in 1994 directly from gorgeous Caribbean sea colours, the white sand and shell of St Barth island.
After repeated trips to the wonderful Caribbean island of St.Barth, two young
entrepreneurs, with previous experiences in the textile industry, get their inspiration from the island atmosphere to capture that taste of elegance, refinement and practicality creates the base for a new beachwear collection
It’s on the island where the brand becomes reality with the name MC2 SAINT BARTH: MC2 as the first airplane model that flew from the close St. Martin to St. Barth, and SAINT BARTH as the island where everything started.
The flagship store in Saint Barth, built following the colonial style of the Caribbean houses, open its doors to a beachwear collection for the entire family both for father and son, like mother and daughter.

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