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Della Ciana made in Italy
Della Ciana company was founded in 1978 in the small Umbrian village of Santa Maria Rossa, just outside Perugia.
The innate business instinct, the great sensitivity, taste and perseverance of its founders ensure the company and its product an immediate success capable of spreading rapidly throughout the national territory. During the first ten years the company grows steadily: without being satisfied with the confirmations obtained in the market, the team works to a larger project, investing in the development of manufacturing techniques, on the study of the dynamics of the markets and on the knowledge of raw materials, with the goal of achieving quality excellence. At the end of  the 1980s Della Ciana, with the entrance in the cashmere industry, positions itself in the upper segment of the market and the fine yarn market becomes the company core business. Since then the company development trend has been remarkable. This growth derives from a formula that cleverly combines the traditional cashmere character with the technology of the most advanced manufacturing techniques, safeguarding the artisan concept of working with unique customizations. The great care towards details, the attention for the finishing touch, the variation of the wearability and the emotional combination of colours complete the descriptive image of a great quality product. A product completely manufactured in Italy, precisely “Made in Umbria” more than “Made in Italy” as attested in the guarantee certificate – even with the identification number – that come with every item. The link with Umbria is important because here, where the productive processes take place, the wools manufacturing art boasts very deep roots that originate in the Etruscan age.  Bernardone of Assisi himself, Saint Francis’ father, was a famous wools and fabrics merchant.
Umbrian people, devoted to the knitting industry since ever, combine technical skills with a best-quality sensibility and an endless love for the result of their work.
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